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Star Trek: Discovery First Look & Thoughts


It’s been a while, fellow Trekkies, but I am still around. In fact, I just put together a small piece for the Heroes Podcast Network pertaining to yesterday’s Star Trek: Discovery news. You can check out the full article, which…
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The Original Series S1E03: “Mudd’s Women”

TOS - S1E03 - Mudd's Women - the women

Stardate: 1329.8 Year: 2266 Story by: Gene Rodenberry Teleplay by: Stephen Kandel Directed by: Harvey Hart Ah yes, Harry Mudd. His first appearance in Star Trek comes with a very sexist, lame episode. While only the third episode produced, it aired sixth,…
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The Original Series S0E01: “The Cage”

TOS - S0E01 - The Cage

Stardate: Unknown Year: 2254 (11 years before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise) Written by: Gene Roddenberry Directed by: Robert Butler This is where it all started. For those who don’t know, “The Cage” was the original pilot submitted to…
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