The Star Trek Dude

So Much to Say, so Little Time…


There are not enough hours in the day to provide the kind of content I intended to when I created this site. My goal, for those who don’t know, was to watch Star Trek in chronological order and review each episodes and film as they happen in the Trek timeline including The Animated Series and the Kelvin Timeline films. As you can see, I did not get very far.


Well, I have a lot going on these days. The most exciting thing going on right now is the relaunch of my podcast network, the Heroes Podcast Network which was formally The Grid Daily. Our flagship series, Screen Heroes has gone beyond 50 episodes and just started its third season. I also just launched the network’s second series, Gamer Heroes, which premiered last Friday and has a second episode slated for this Friday, January 13th. I am the CEO and Founder of the Heroes Podcast Network, act as Producer for the two existing series, and perform host duties for them as well. So, if you’re interested in pop culture in TV and film, check out Screen Heroes and if you are into video games, check out Gamer Heroes.

Since I cannot write as much as I intended, I did launch an Instagram just for The Star Trek Dude. So, go follow @TheStarTrekDude. I’m trying to do a #ToyTuesday post, among other things.

Alright, that’s going to be it for now, I believe.

Live long and prosper. \\\///

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