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Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek

Star Trek 50 by Aaron Harvey

Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered a week shy my six-month birthday. My dad was a Trekkie and therefore, I’ve been watching one series or another my entire life. My earliest memories consist of the original films, primarily II-IV and VI along with the TNG episode “Relics”. As I’ve grown up, I’ve only become more attached to Star Trek, going so far as to have a cardboard cutout of Spock in my home along with countless ships, action figures, copies of films, etc. I have a specialized Star Trek themed license plate and even a Star Trek tattoo based on the delta shield design found on Kirk’s mug in Star Trek Beyond.

To date, I’ve seen every single movie and episode except for the final episode of The Animated Series. Why? Well, for years I held off watching that episode (and this might sound silly) because I wanted to ensure that there was always something left of Star Trek I hadn’t yet experienced. With Star Trek: Discovery coming this January, I’ll be sitting down to re-watch all of The Animated Series, including the finale, soon. In fact, for those that have been following me, I have been attempting my Trek Watch. It has not gone as planned. Instead, I found myself in a position to re-watch DS9 and I am loving it. I has the most watchable first season, in my opinion.

So what does Star Trek mean to me? It’s been a huge part of my life, my personally philosophy, and my outlook on the future. Gene Roddenberry’s universe always pushed me to focus on the possibilities, the next steps. I hope our species is one day able to see his imagination of the future. I doubt I’ll still be around to see it but hopefully I can get more than the small glimmer we can catch every now and then these days. Star Trek is life. As we age and learn we are exploring our own strange new world, seeking out various lifeforms and civilizations, going where we have never gone before. Trek pushes me to keep that tradition going, learning new things, engaging with new people, and experiencing new events in new places. At the end of the day, Trek is a collection of TV series, movies, novels, video games, comics, and collectibles. We have actors we love, some we don’t, episodes we cherish, some we trash. While Star Trek does not consume my life, it has been and always will be a significant part of it, joining me on my journey.

Who is your favorite Captain? Favorite Series? We can learn from all of them. Maybe I live a What Would Picard Do life but Janeway taught us how to handle being lost, alone, with so much responsibility. Sisko taught us how to merge science and faith, balance your beliefs with others’. Archer set out into the truly unknown with no assistance and powerful forces threatening destruction across time. Kirk galloped through the cosmos, making countless first contacts, preaching about equality and doing what’s right. Each incarnation of Star Trek has brought a new perspective, tone, and style. Each one has helped shape who I am and how I view the world around me. I can only hope to live up to them over the course of my lifetime.

What does Star Trek mean to me? It shapes my philosophy, who I am at the core.

As Trek boldly goes past the half century mark, I boldly go with it. Let’s seek out some new lifeforms and new civilizations. Let all of us, together, boldly go where no human has gone before.

Live long and prosper. \\\///

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